Professional Services

Professional background: I received my doctorate in Psychology at the University of Texas in 1976, with a specialization in child clinical psychology. I have been in private practice since 1977, but until 1988 also served within outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities teaching, developing group therapy programs, and supervising individual therapy of interns and residents. In my 30’s I was known for my child and adolescent outpatient groups. In my 40’s I was known for my work with severe trauma and dissociative patients. Now in my 70’s, I have retired from such demanding clinical work and work with children/adolescents in individual therapy and adults in both individual and group therapy. I currently lead one study group for clinicians. My current area of specialization is the high functioning patient (adult, adolescent or child) who nonetheless ‘falls into the abyss’ periodically, struggling with a bewildering mix of competence, loneliness, and anxiety. I work with children who struggle with reactive attachment disorder, developmental trauma, aspergers disorder, gender identity issues, anxiety and loneliness. I also work with chronic pain patients. I accept new patients on the basis of apparent ‘good fit’ and am happy to coordinate referrals as I network extensively with other clinicians.

Philosophy of therapy: I believe that therapy is one of the most intimate journeys anyone can make. The well-working therapy relationship rivals marriage, family and lifetime friendship in its capacity to touch your heart and impact your life. In therapy we together make sense of bewildering experience: pain, confusion, alienation, lostness, looking into the shadows and corners of a life. Allowing yourself to become known as deeply as possible, even becoming more ‘yourself’ than you ever dared to contemplate, is a journey that requires much trust. Such trust builds slowly, based on our experiences together, in once or twice weekly sessions.

The fit, or ‘click’ between us, is very important. You will notice I pay close attention to your feedback and to your feelings. My therapy style is personal, respectful and authentic. Experience has taught me that our bodily states (subtle physiological clues) can signal important developments in our relationship. Therapy is a collaborative process in which we together make sense of thoughts and feelings which have long lain dormant within your body/mind. I passionately believe that pain has meaning, that people can change, and that suffering is an entry point into transformation, a doorway into a hopeful future.

Team Treatment: For many years I have noticed that the team treatment approach can be extremely beneficial for people who thrive in an enriched environment. Thus I frequently work in tandem with a couples, art or body therapist, as well as with various psychiatrists when medication issues are pertinent. We collaborate closely together so that we are all on the same page with you.

Services Offered:

Individual Therapy:
Once or twice a week
45 minute sessions
Group Therapy
Once a week
90 minute sessions
Study Group
Once a month
90 minute session